Spanish Summer

Spanish Summer 2014
Program dates: July20th-Aug 14th
Deadline to sign up: June 1st
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  • Spanish summer is a program that takes students ages14-17 years old to Spain to stay with host families for 15 days during the summer. The students go to improve their Spanish, learn about another culture and lifestyleand have a truly memorable experience.
  • Students will be matched with a host family in Spain that will open their home and share with them the Spanish language, culture, traditions and at the same time, these families are also eager to learn more about the American culture and what you can share with them. It is truly an enriching experience for all!
  • Generally the students travel to Spain from the last week of July to the first two weeks of August with the time away being no more than 15 days. If these dates are not an option for you, please contact us and we can talk about other possibilities. The students are accompanied by a GJ’s monitor at all times throughout the trip.
  • It is not a requirement to know Spanish to be able to go, however, it is a good idea to brush-up on your Spanish or try and learn a few basic things in order to be able to communicate better with your host family. This will also show them you made the effort to communicate with them and that you are interested in learning more! Almost all students in Spain know English so there should always be someone around that can help you out!
  • A monitor from GJ will always be available, 24 hours a day, during their time away in case the students need to get in touch with someone.
  • The most important thing to remember is to have is an open mind, be eager to try new things and  have a positive attitude!



  • Any American student between 14 and 17 years old is able to participate in the unique experience, however, an application and an interview are needed for approval.
  • Most of the students that go to Spain have had some previous contact with the Spanish culture/language. In fact, many of them are host brothers and sisters from the Spanish student’s American Summer.
  • Each student will come with a medical insurance policy.
  • The students will also bring their own spending money for activities and souvenirs, as the stay with the host family should not be a financial burden.
  • The American students are interested in learning about the culture, traditions and language in Spain while, at the same time having an experience of a lifetime!



  • Many of the families that are eager to host a student from the USA are families that have children that have participated in American Summer. These families know just what its like to have a child away from home and also what it feels like to be in an unfamiliar country.
  • The host families are interviewed and there homes are visited to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for the students.
  • The host families could be in a number of different cities in Spain but some of the more likely locations are: Valladolid, Madrid and León.
  • The host families will provide the student with three meals a day and a separate bed.
  • The host families are not asked to change their summer plans, just include the American student in their activities.
  • As a host family, you are not required to speak English but, depending on the level of Spanish of the American students, it is helpful if someone in the home does.
  • The host families have available to them the contact information for any type of assistance needed, 24 hours a day.

Click here for FAQ’s about hosting.


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