Spanish Summer FAQ’s

Do I have to host a student from Spain in order to participate in Spanish Summer?

No. It is not required to host a student from Spain in the American Summer program. However, if you are able to host, I would recommend it. Typically, the students from the United States feel more comfortable traveling to Spain knowing that they are going to be with someone that they already know and have created a friendship with here in the States.

What are the biggest cultural differences in Spain?

There are many cultural difference but some of the biggest ones seem to be:

  • Food: Spanish people eat a very wide variety of food and also a lot of fish. I encourage participants in Spanish Summer to try new things!
  • Time-table: They tend to wake-up later and go to bed later in Spain than in the USA, especially in summer. It may take a week to get adjusted.
  • Social life: The Spanish are a very social people and like to spend a lot of time with friends and family walking around the town or having a coffee or meal out.

I expect each Spanish Summer participant to not be judgemental with the differences but, instead, keep an open mind and positive about what they experience. It WILL make a huge difference in their stay!

How can I contact my son/daughter in Spain?

We recommend using email, Skype and similar programs to keep in touch with your kids while they are away.

My son/daughter wants to go to Spain but she/he doesn’t speak any Spanish.

That okay! There are many Spanish families eager to have a native English speaker in their home. All students in Spain start studying English when they are 4 o 5 years old so, there will always be someone around to communicate with!

Why doesn’t Spanish Summer have a program in June?

The school year in Spain does not end until approximately June 20th. During the last month, the students are bust studying for final exams and would not be a good “host” for a guest during that time.



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