American Summer. Destination: Michigan

Michigan, also known as, “The Great Lakes State”, is surrounded by 5  incredible lakes and has 11,000 lakes inside the state lines. One thing is for sure, you will never be too far  away from a natural water source! In summer, the people of Michigan make the most of their lakes by taking boat trips, practicing water sports and going fishing!

The Spanish students will most likely be in the South-Eastern part of Michigan where they are close enough to Detroit to take advantage of the attractions and cultural activities the city has to offer. Detroit, sometimes referred to as “Motor City” because, at one time, it was the world capital of automobile production. The famous style of music known as”Motown” also got its start in Detroit. We can’t forget the many museums, theaters and art galleries that also play a prominent roll in Detroit’s history and make it the city it is today.

For all the sports fans, Michigan boasts 4 professional sports teams; football, basketball, hockey and, in summer, baseball. It’s a common sight to see families spending their summer afternoon to cheer on their favorite baseball team- The Detroit Tigers!

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