American Summer 2015 is looking for host families in Colorado, Texas and Michigan! Contact us to get your application!
 Now accepting applications for our trip to Spain July 2015.  Don’t miss it!

Global Journeys brings travel, culture, adventure, participation and enrichment all together for an experience like none other. We offer travel and educational programs for teens, adults and families with energy, personality and dedication that you won’t get anywhere else! We will strive to make your experience with us not only memorable, but, as unique as you are.

Laura Reifenrath: Founder of GJ

GJ was founded in 2010 by Laura Reifenrath, who is a native of Colorado but has spent 6 years living in Spain and has a passion for traveling and culturally enriching experiences. With these two things in mind, Global Journeys came to life in hopes of providing excellent travel, tour and educational services to unique places.   Global Journeys specializes in two areas: 1) Student programs to Spain and to the United States. Students are placed in host families for approximately one month during the summer to be completely immersed in the language and culture of another country. Students ages 14 to 20 are invited to apply for this unforgettable experience and opportunity to create a lifelong memories and friendships. 2) Adult/Family travel to Spain and to the United States. Global Journeys personalizes your travel dreams. Whether you are interested in a private tour through the vineyards and culinary delights of Spain or looking to have the ski adventure of a lifetime in the Rocky Mountains, Global Journeys will get you there! Global Journeys’ principal travel destinations are Spain and the Unites States but not to your “common” locations. Because of our knowledge of both countries, including their culture and language, and taking into account quality time spent in both Spain and the United States, we know that each country has treasures not yet explored by foreign eyes, and Global Journeys holds the key to unlocking those treasures.

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